Improving the Environment
Through Recycling.

Post-Industrial Plastics Recycling

Polypropylene (PP)

PP is a universally used commodity material. It has significant staying power, both as a resin and in the market, as well as stiffness and durability.

Polyethelyne (PE)

PE is a widely used commodity material in molding operations. Its versatility and process-ability are attractive in producing many things from bags to boat docks.

Recycling one ton of plastic:

A Contributor to the Green Movement

Almost all plastic can be recycled and reused through some sort of green process. The extent to which these materials can be reused varies depending on many factors. Felplast offers post-industrial plastics recycling options for a wide range of materials including propylene, ethylene, polyester, nylon and styrene.

Private or public, large or small, independent or corporate, we all have to do our part as individuals and companies to help preserve the Earth. Recycling and investing in green technologies are easy ways to help and Felplast, Inc. is proud to be a contributor to the green movement.


We sell high grade reprocessed plastic resins and we buy your waste plastics.